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I first met Carl in 2014 after purchasing my first gaited horse and realizing I needed help. That began a journey of improvement under Carl (and Tammy's) training that continues today. Carl has shown me that my "problems" with my horses are usually the result of unclear and inconsistent communication on my part. His desire is to do what is best for the long term health and well being of the horse, which results in a satisfying and continually improving partnership between the horse and rider. He challenges me each and every time I have a lesson to add to my "horsemanship tool box". I wont live long enough to learn all that Carl could teach me on my horsemanship journey, but I intend to learn all that I can.


- Susan Harris 

Carl and Tammy are great! They are very knowledgable, and great at communicating to you what you need to do or not to do. My mare had vices that were being manifested in various ways that could appear to be caused by tack issues (it was NOT tack), etc. Carl and Tammy helped me to see what was really happening and how to correct it. Loved the clinic and learned a lot in the short time we had to work. I've been riding all my life and learned more than today in the 40 years of figuring it out myself.

- Marcel Sparks

Wow! From our very first session with Carl, I saw positive results and noticeable improvements on my green-broke mare. While sharing his insights, experience and vast knowledge of horses and horsemanship, Carl has a rare gift for explaining things in ways that not only give me a deeper understanding of concepts and techniques, but the insight to be able to apply this knowledge in practical ways to address the specific issues and challenges my horse and I experience. We both look forward to our sessions with Carl & Tammy. In a relatively short period of time, Carl has brought us to a vastly improved level of understanding, trust and confidence. My "green" horse is now a horse of a different color.

- Janie Anderson

I met Carl and Tammy in 2016 and ​shortly after, purchased my first horse. Carl has an uncanny ability to read not only horses, but people as well. That gift makes him an effective trainer who not only has the welfare of the horse as paramount, but safety of the horse's rider as well. Many lessons later, the classical training that I have had with Carl and Tammy reaffirmed the good and bad in me and taught me that the relationship between me and my horse is built on trust and communication. Sage and I would not be where we are today without the tireless, patient teaching of Carl and Tammy and I am looking forward to many lessons to come.

- Peggy King

Really appreciated Carl and Tammy's instruction today. Having done software training for people at various levels of expertise all at the same time, I can tell you, its no picnic. Add in horses who also have their own level of expertise... or in the case of one mare, own agenda... it can be problematic. But they consistently demonstrate the knack for keying into the need of each horse and rider and moving the level of instruction up or down so everyone makes progress. As someone who needs to relearn what was learned in the past, having it patiently explained (in more than one way till it makes sense) and then demonstrated on my horse was invaluable. I got a taste of that 'sense of zen' when each piece started falling in place. Great job, well worth the time and we will be back. 


- Bekalisa Clark

I met Carl Bledsoe 2 years ago at a clinic when I was not participating but just observing. The perspective was enlightening as I was able to see him physically, mentally, and emotionally connected with each horse and each person that was open to his connection. Carls understanding of seeking an end result in training is beautifully balanced by his respect for the individual horse and what they are capable of giving at any moment. It is his nature to share experience and knowledge rather than just train by secret method, which makes him a great teacher. What makes him a great horseman is much deeper- years of experience, a background in an industry where he has worked hard and sacrificed to make positive changes, and the knowledge that no matter what you know and who you learned it from there is always more to learn if you take all you can from each experience. 

If you have the chance to train with Carl, take it! Learning from someone who has such a deep seated love of learning and the ability to read both horse and rider will put you on a new plain of horsemanship. 


- Barbara Moore

Having been in the hospital for 6 months and another year recovering, I was unable to ride my young horse, Shadow. So he was not ridden at all for almost 2 years. I turned to Carl. Carl took shadow and worked with him for the last 2 and a half months. Shadow had never been finished in his training and was very insecure. Carl is amazing in understanding how a horse thinks and worked with him to be secure and to train me to read him and give him consistent clues. I cant say enough about Carl and Tammy in their ability as trainers and also as a special couple. He has given me back the opportunity to ride again which has been my dream. Im so happy that they were able to work with me!


- Carole McAlister

Carl and Tammy are down-to-earth people who truly know and love horses. You see this in their gentle use of natural methods based on very deep understanding of the animals. They are able to communicate to riders of all different levels of abilities, which is something not all trainers can do. They are also incredibly tuned in to the horses themselves. An example: I watched Carl just slightly change his physical stance, and my friends horse quietly loaded onto the trailer after showing every intention of refusing to load (he always refuses to load). I am still using and making progress from things I have learned in their clinics. I can recommend them for clinics and for individual training, whether its the rider or the horse needing help, or both. They work well with any kind of horse but I particularly appreciate their knowledge and experience with gaited horses because of their deep background in the gaited world, they are a very valuable resource to anyone who wants to go deeper and correct gait.


- Gail Pennington

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