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Carl Bledsoe and his wife, Tammy, reside in Talking Rock, Ga where they train horses and teach horse owners. Although Carl works with all breeds of horses, gaited horses are his passion. Carl grew up in the Tennessee Walking Horse show world. For years, he trained and showed the incredible breed - many of them champion and world champion horses. Over time, he realized just how much the horses had to sacrifice for these titles which prompted him to make a fundamental change in his approach to horses and he hopes to compel others to make a change as well. Rather than shortcuts, gimmicks and subjugation, he believes in classical training with a true understanding of the biomechanics of the horse as well as the rider and is an advocate of purity of gait for the long-term health of the horse both physically and mentally. Carl believes in education and understanding by having compassion and empathy for the horse and approaches each horses as an individual by asking himself, "What's in this for the horse?" This has taught him how to become a better husband, father and friend. For this, he is eternally grateful to what he feels is one of God's greatest creations, THE HORSE. 

Carl & Tammy conduct clinics and attend expos sharing his story of his progression from the show ring to now teaching and training with the best interest of the horse as his primary focus. They hope to prove just how wonderful, versatile and extremely talented the Tennessee Walking Horse, as well as the other gaited breeds, truly are. 

Carl has been a guest speaker at the Sound Horse Conference, a guest speaker representing the Tennessee Walking Horse at the Equus Film Festival, guest judge at the Appalachian Trainer  Face-Off and the featured gaited clinician at Equifest, Horse World Expo, Georgia Horse Fair, Southern Equine Expo and will be the 2023 gaited clinician at Horse World Expo as well as Ohio Equine Affaire. 

Carl & Tammy are, above all, advocates for the horse and are looking forward to continuing to educate fellow horse lovers and encourage you to always ask yourself, "What's in it for the horse?"


Carl Bledsoe Horsemanship  offers: 

  Clinics,  Training,  Lesso​ns,

Rehab & Strength Training & Consulting

Proudly spnosored by:

Triple  Crown Feed

Allegany Mountain Saddlery


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