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2023 schedule

Gaited Clinician

Horse World Expo

Harrisburg, Pa

March 2-5


Three Day Clinic

Spotted Dance Ranch

Brooksville, Fl

March 10-12


Two Day Clinic

Liberty Pines Farm

Williston, FL

March 13-14


3 Day Clinic

Coyote Creek Stables

Sigel, Il

March 17-19


3 Day Clinic

EQ-Knowledge Equestrian Center

Culpeper, VA

April 1-3


Gaited Clinician

Equine Affaire

Columbus, OH

April 13-16


3 Day Clinic

River Valley Lodge & Campground

Farmington, IA

April 28-30


3 Day Clinic

Nash Hill Equestrian Center

Gowanda, NY

June 2-4


3 Day Clinic

Piedmont Saddle Club

Colfax, NC

October 20-22

Equine Affaire

W. Springfield, MA

November 9-12





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